Operation Theatre

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Operation Theatre

Koshys operating theatres department is innovative and forward-looking department comprising of two operating theatres, covering a comprehensive range of surgical specialties.
This department provides excellent surgical facilities for patients 24 hours a day
The operation Theatres department dignity themselves on delivering high quality of care in a clean and friendly environment, conveyed by teams with a vast range of expertise, for each speciality. All members of the team understand that you may be anxious or nervous prior to an activity and will do all that they can to put the you at ease.
When the team is accessible to begin your surgery, you will be brought down to the operating theatres. Depending on where you have been admitted, this may be from the:
You mind being taken into the anaesthetic room where the anaesthetist and anaesthetic assistant will give you your anaesthetic. The length of time this catch and type of anaesthetic you will have will depend on the procedure. This will have already been discussed with you.
You will then be taken into the operating theatre for as operation. Please note that only relatives of children having surgery and overnight intensive improvement patients will be allowed into the main theatre areas. No other visitors are allowed to enter these areas.

After your surgery

You will be taken to the recovery area and before you acquire recovered from your anaesthetic you will be transferred to a ward or to day surgery as to be discharged home, depending on the surgery you have had.Patients who have had complex surgery, such as heart surgery, can stay overnight in intensive recovery.
The department has designated competence for the provision of a safe and comfortable environment for the performance of complicated major surgical operations.Registered and enrolled nurses are specially trained in the different designated surgical areas to give optimum quality individualised patient care.
The administration is managed by senior nurse managers, nurse managers and registered nurses, with the relevant post-basic nursing qualification, specialising in different aspects of surgical disciplines, including anaesthesia and recovery nursing.

Minor OT

Minor operation theatre is equipped with all the essential equipment like operation table, lights, boilers, disposals and all the crucial surgical instruments and all the emergency injections and the I/V fluids. Along with this, specialisation in the admirable suturing and all sterilized surgical dressings of all varieties, round the clock makes us definitely better than the other existing setups.