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Examples Of Uses

Ultrasound perhaps used to view, monitor, or diagnose
The Description
Ultrasound imaging helps high-frequency sound waves that pass through your body. The sound waves are reflected or bounced off internal organs also tissues, and the waves are recorded and displayed by a computer. Ultrasound imaging works on the same principle as sonar, a technique to identify underwater objects used by both ships at sea looking for submarines and anglers looking for fish.
Ultrasound scanners commonly consist of a computer, video screen, and transducer. The transducer is a small, handheld device about the size of a bar of soap, add to the scanner by a cord. The transducer generates the sound waves and detects them when they are reflected.
Most ultrasound exams are performed by moving the transducer on your skin over the area to be examined. Some, however, are complete inside your body (invasive ultrasound). For these, a special transducer attached to the end of a probe is inserted into a body opening.
We action all types of Ultrasound: 4Dscan, 3Dscan, Colour Doppler scan & Anomaly scan.