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Our Specialities

Burns, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Burns, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Department of cosmetic and plastic surgery is a dedicated wing for care for your problems and beauty concerns of your body from head to toe. We provide a new standard of full-spectrum of cosmetic procedures and cosmetic surgery care using the latest technological advances with an emphasis on patient safety and delivering superior patient results.


Why Koshys ?

We are now grown as one of the best centers in Bangalore for dermatology, cosmetology, trichology cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery care and burns with thousands of patients from all over the country. Koshys Hospital teams of skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeons have successfully performed a diverse range of surgical procedures on thousands of patients. Patients are given a number of different suitable options by a team of multi-disciplinary experts who specialize in different branches of reconstructive, restorative and cosmetic surgery and even burns with advice on the risks and benefits of each procedure. When it is necessary, the department also works with neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons and oncological surgeons to get the best results.

What We Treat:

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